Pro Icon 2.0 - Joggers Fitted

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Introducing our Pro Icon Collection: The Pro Icon Joggers - meticulously crafted for ProAktivv style and performance.

Designed to cater to your active lifestyle while maintaining a sleek and fashionable appearance, our Pro Icon Joggers seamlessly blend comfort and functionality, offering a ProAktivv and stylish choice for your workouts and daily activities.

The Pro Icon 2.0 Joggers Fitted, feature zipped side pockets and adjustable waist cords for added convenience and customization.

Key Features:

  • ProAktivv Breathable fabric ensures optimal airflow for enhanced comfort
  • ProAktivv Quickdry technology facilitates fast moisture evaporation, keeping you dry and fresh
  • Sustainable materials for a ProAktivv eco-conscious choice
  • ProAktivv Sweat-wicking fabric efficiently manages moisture to keep you dry and comfortable
  • Smart Fabric technology proactively enhances performance and comfort
  • Active stretch for ProAktivv flexibility and freedom of movement
  • Water Resistant properties proactively keep you dry in light rain or mist
  • Four-Way Stretch fabric allows for ProAktivv unrestricted movement in all directions



Elevate your style and performance with the Pro Icon Joggers from our Pro Icon Collection.