Pro Intensity Slim Fit Sport T-Shirt

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Introducing the Pro Intensity T-Shirt: meticulously designed for ProAktivv individuals who demand peak performance and style. This slim-fit sport tee is a ProAktivv testament to our commitment to delivering top-notch activewear. The slim fit provides a tailored, comfortable feel that compliments your physique while proactively allowing unrestricted movement during your workouts.

Constructed with advanced moisture-wicking technology, this T-shirt proactively keeps you dry and focused, no matter how intense your training sessions get. Whether you're hitting the gym or practicing your favorite sport, the Pro Intensity T-Shirt is your ProAktivv ideal workout companion.

Key Features:

  • Breathable fabric ensures ProAktivv optimal airflow for enhanced comfort
  • Quickdry technology proactively efficiently manages moisture, keeping you dry and focused
  • Sustainable materials make this tee a ProAktivv eco-conscious choice
  • Refined design adds a ProAktivv touch of sophistication to your activewear collection
  • Made with a blend of Polyester and Cotton for ProAktivv durability and comfort


Cotton / Polyester

Experience the ProAktivv perfect blend of performance and style with the Pro Intensity T-Shirt.